Top 10 Electrical Installation Mistakes: What Not to Do

Electrical Installation Mistakes

At the heart of every property is a robust electrical system. Buildings today are more automated than ever before, and this means that electricity is used in ways we may not even realize. Electrical installation mistakes can result in severe damage to your property and require an electrician for repairs – but avoiding these electrical […]

Reasons Why An Electrical Panel Upgrade is Worth The Cost

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Why Is An Electrical Panel Upgrade Expensive & Why Is It Worth It? The electrical panel is the heart of your property, supplying power to all of its circuits and outlets. But a faulty electrical panel can be a significant safety hazard in your home. A power outage, improper wiring, or shorting of the circuit […]

How to Know if Your Electrical System Should be Updated

Electrical System

The electricity that powers our homes and businesses is an integral part of modern life. Almost everything we use relies on it somehow, from the lights to the refrigerator, even your cell phone charger. But what happens when the power goes out? For most people, this is a minor inconvenience at worst—a few minutes of […]

Electrical Panels: Unsafe and Outdated Types to Avoid Using in Your Home

Electrical Panels: Unsafe and Outdated Types to Avoid Using in Your Home

The electrical panel is the heart of your home. It should only be installed by professionals who know what they are doing, and it should be up to date with all the latest safety features. You need to avoid using many types of panels in your home because they may not meet modern safety standards […]

Professional Electrician in New York City | Top-Rated Electrical Services

Professional Electrician in New York City | Top-Rated Electrical Services

Daven Electric Corp. is a full-service commercial electrical contractor that has been providing customers with top-quality service for decades. Daven Electric Corp’s team of skilled electricians are trained to perform all types of electrical work, from small residential jobs to large commercial projects and everything in between. Daven provides the most competitive pricing for: Commercial […]

Tamper-proof Outlets: What You Need To Know

Tamper-proof outlets or tamper-resistant receptacles (TRR) are a great way to ensure that your home or business is safe, as well as preventing fire hazards. TRR is the new safety standard in many countries and regions across the world. These outlets prevent your plug from being inserted incorrectly into these types of outlet sockets. This […]

Fuse Box vs Circuit Breaker – What’s The Difference?

Many people are not sure what the difference is between a fuse box and a circuit breaker. They know that one has to do with electricity, but they may be confused about which is better. We’ll help you understand both of these devices in this article so that you can make an informed decision on […]

What Could Cause a Breaker to Keep Tripping?

What could cause a breaker to keep tripping? That is the question that many homeowners ask themselves when they are trying to figure out what is wrong with their home electrical systems. Unfortunately, there can be many different reasons, and fortunately for you, we have compiled a list of them right here! This post will […]

What is a Residential Electrician?

Home electricians, more commonly referred to as residential electricians, are highly trained and skilled professionals who specialize in the installation of wiring systems for homes. Though there is some overlap with other trades, such as commercial electrical contractors and industrial electrician workers, these two groups typically perform their work on a much larger scale than […]

7 Common Electrical Mistakes in Commercial Buildings

Do you know the potential consequences of electrical mistakes in commercial buildings? If not, then it’s about time that you find out. Many common mistakes can be made while working with electricity in commercial buildings. These mistakes can lead to fires and other disasters, which is why our professional electricians want to make sure that […]