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Brooklyn NY City Guide

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Here is a guide on the wonderful borough of Brooklyn Brooklyn is an incredible place and it is only one of the five boroughs inside of New York City Before we jump into everything that you need to know guide on the wonderful borough of Brooklyn. Brooklyn is an incredible place and it is only one of the five boroughs inside of New York City

Brooklyn this is the borough that I have been living in for the past 20 years. The neighborhood of Williamsburg which I’m currently at you can see the Williamsburg Bridge right behind me this is kind of like the waterfront area in Williamsburg it’s a very very cool hip area and I really love it here but Brooklyn is the second most important borough in New York City right after Manhattan it’s the most populated one I think that if it was its own City it would be like the third most populated city in the United States or something like that whether it’s cool architecture awesome nightlife or hipsters at Brooklyn literally has it all and just you know.

Dumbo Brooklyn is one of the reasons for that is the incredible views that you can see when you’re here in Dumbo Dumbo has got insanely beautiful views of Manhattan the Manhattan skyline as well as awesome views of the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan Bridge and even the Williamsburg Bridge it’s easily accessible from the city and it’s just a really really fun place to hang out especially during the summer so notable spots for you to check out in Dumbo are the old renovated warehouses Empire stores which is an old renovated warehouse turned into a mall really really cool spot the wonderful views.

From Pebble Beach that you can get to the city and like a nice little experience of being on a beach in Brooklyn actually going physically under the Manhattan Bridge there’s this cool little area that you can walk through with benches as well as walking on top of the Brooklyn Bridge the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the only bridges of the famous ones that doesn’t have a train going through it so it’s just cars and pedestrian walking the thinking a very packed but it is a giant tourist attraction to make sure you check out Kings County!