August 12, 2021

Electrical Panels: Unsafe and Outdated Types to Avoid Using in Your Home

Electrical Panels: Unsafe and Outdated Types to Avoid Using in Your HomeThe electrical panel is the heart of your home. It should only be installed by professionals who know what they are doing, and it should be up to date with all the latest safety features. You need to avoid using many types of panels in your home because they may not meet modern safety standards or have enough circuits for today’s needs. The set of the electrical panel you have installed in your home will determine how much electricity is available for use at any given time. The cost of electricity may be reduced by installing a new electrical panel.

List of Unsafe Electrical Pannels:

In the case of any older houses built before the 1990s, they may still contain panels that could pose an unwanted risk for the residents. Other than that, here are some names of few unsafe electronic panels that must be avoided in modern times. Any house that still uses these electric panels should immediately replace them or call a professional electrician in Brooklyn.

#1 Federal Pacific Electric (FPE)

FPE was a top-rated electrical panel manufacturer from the 1950s to the 1980s. They were able to sell and install millions of panels within this period. These breakers are known to have a high rate of circuit breaker failure as they failed to slide down whenever there was a short circuit or overload. In some instances, FPE kept passing electricity to the circuit, even when the lever of the circuits was in the “off” position.

The name “Federal Pacific” or “Federal Pacific Electric” will be visible on the cover or the inside part of the cover. You can also see the “Stab-Lok” printed on the circuits. Call in the experts to check for these signs and replace them immediately. At Daven Electric Corp., we have the best technicians who can solve any electrical circuit-related problem.

#2 Zinsco Panels

Zinsco panels were manufactured in the late 1960s and early 1970s. They are no longer available for purchase from any manufacturer. Still, they had many flaws and were unsafe for use at its panel failed to match the high electricity demand. This causes the circuit breakers to melt to the main bus bar, failing the circuit breaker to trip in case of a short or overloaded circuit. If you have a Zinsco panel, it is best to replace the old one as soon as possible. Electrical panels from other manufacturers will be more reliable and safe for use in your home.

#3 Challenger (Eaton/Cutler-Hammer)

These panels were popular during the 1980s and 1990s and sold a thousand units during that period. They manufactured two circuit breakers, and both showed the same problem of overheating during common conditions at the connection point to the bus bar.

Another factor that played against the Challenger was that a mechanical part of this panel often detached itself, preventing itself from operating. Overheating and cooling resulted in bending and damaging the bus bar. Electrical panels of this type should be avoided.

After the company went out of business, Eaton Corporation bought the remaining product lines; however, they too were compelled to recall their sold products, as it had an electrical shocking problem. You should look for levels in your panels, such as GTE-Sylvania or Zinsco, and replace them if found.

#4 Pushmatic

Like FPE, Pushmatic sold thousand of faulty electrical panels between the 1850s to 1980s. One feature which made it stand out was that it had a button to activate and deactivate the circuit instead of switches that needed to be pushed left to right. It sold and installed electrical panels outdated electrical equipment. Pushmatics has been cited as installing heavily damaged Electrical Equipment, leading to Electrical fires if not repaired. Pushmatics also does not offer the customers an opportunity to inspect their Electrical panel installation work before it’s completed.

An old electrical panel should be either replaced or at least be regularly inspected by professionals. In addition to this, an old and challenging panel to use should be replaced with an upgrade.

When Should A Faulty Electrical Panel Be Replaced?

A faulty Electrical Panel can put all your property and safety at risk. Electrical Panels are essential for the continuity of power in the home, which is why they should be installed by an expert with a proven track record. In most cases, Electrical Panels need to be replaced due to age or damage caused by weather conditions such as wind storms and lightning. Any damage or problem with the electrical panel can put everyone’s life inside the house in danger, and it should never be taken for granted. You should call the expert at Daven Electric Corp., replace, install to inspect your electrical panel; show the following signs:

  • It would be wise if you immediately replaced an electrical panel that keeps on tripping. It happens when the panel starts to wear down or the electrical demand of your house exceeds the current capacity of the panel. It is also possible that the panel can’t distribute power evenly, which may cause a tripping breaker. Electrical panels near or on water sources should be checked for corrosion at least once every few months to ensure no problems arise in the future.
  • You should call in a professional residential electrician when you notice that the circuit breaker fails to reset t restore power. This is a sign of a faulty electrical panel, which should be dealt with before the problem escalates.
  • You should avoid using any old fuse box that can be seen only in old houses and replace it with a modern electrical circuit with multiple circuit breakers. An old circuit breaker may sometimes fail to trip, even when it is overloaded.
  • Pushmatic panels are another old and unreliable type of electrical panel that should be replaced. Electrical circuits in houses with these panels often fail to trip when overloaded, leading to a fire or other safety hazards.
  • In case you notice any spark or fire inside the circuits board, including a distinct odor coming from the panel, it is time that you need help from an emergency electrical service.

What should I do when water gets into an electrical outlet?

If there is standing water, it’s an excellent idea to turn off the power at the breaker panel before removing the panel.

Carefully remove any debris (in this case, buoyant), and dry out as much of it as possible with a towel or cloth before attempting a reset. If you have an air compressor next to your workbench, use it to blow out any remaining moisture inside the outlet opening.

Turn on your circuit breaker once you are confident that all water has been removed from inside your electrical outlets. After no more than one minute of waiting, if there was standing water in your outlets, turn off the breaker again and see if everything looks normal before turning back on power.

When should I replace my electrical panel?

It all depends on the age of the electrical panel. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends inspections every five years starting at ages 10, 15, and 20. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends inspections every five years beginning at age 10, 15, and 20 years old, respectively. If you’re not sure about when to replace your electrical panel, keep an eye out for any problems that tend to accompany aging and poor maintenance, such as increasing electric bills or high electric use at certain times of the day. If unattended, these problems can lead to costly repairs plus increasing fire risks. The NFPA also specifies that “due diligence” be taken to ensure the new electrical panel operates safely with existing systems such as heating/cooling equipment and smoke detectors.

Can I replace my main electrical panel myself?

It is possible to replace your main electrical panel, but you need careful attention during the installation process. A significant risk of installing it yourself is not correctly grounding the system. A professional knows where and how to ground the wires and where all potential faults can be introduced, and how to fix them when they might happen in the future. If there’s an issue with a component of your home that could potentially cause (or already has caused), a fire then doesn’t take any risks! You’re safest hiring a licensed electrician for these types of jobs as they are trained in power management and analysis.

Electrical Installation in Brooklyn

We at Daven Electric Corp. have the experience of providing detailed inspection, which includes a thorough examination of all electrical systems of your house. We provide electrical installation in Brooklyn and its nearby areas to homes and businesses. When it comes to Electrical Panels, we have the expertise and experience of installing Electrical panels up-to-date with safety standards. What’s more? You can now get a FREE quote for electrical installation in Brooklyn from us!

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