October 5, 2021

Commercial Building Electrical Safety Guide and Tips

Electrical SafetyA well-designed electrical system is an essential component of any commercial building. A poorly designed electrical system can lead to costly repair bills, service interruptions, and even personal injury. You have to take the time to educate yourself on what makes a safe design, as well as how to keep your installation up-to-date with the latest codes and technologies available for today's commercial buildings. Here, we will provide information on some of the most common issues for those in charge of designing or maintaining a commercial building's electrical systems and offer electrical safety tips that can be immediately implemented.

Electric safety is a significant concern for businesses, particularly those running in the commercial sector. From OSHA guidelines and NFPA standards to NESCcodes - there are many ways you can reduce risks while still ensuring an efficient workflow with proper instruction from qualified staff members on how best to handle these situations should they arise unexpectedly!

Make sure you are up-to-date on the latest OSHA electrical safety guidelines. Your employees need to be trained in this, too!

#1. Look Out For Damaged Outlets

A few things can cause your wall outlets to build up heat, and if left unmonitored, it could lead you into trouble. The most common is wear-and-tear from commercial spaces utilizing several electrical appliances operating at once. This causes the metal contact points of neutral (neutral often referred to as (N), hot(H), or ground connection point on an outlet cord to lose their grip onto itself. Over time which leads them to become loose enough for sparks to jump between cords, causing arcs flashover resulting in fires/blowups!

The best way to avoid these electrical hazards is to keep those old power bars tight by inspecting them periodically and tightening loose screws with a screwdriver to secure the ground connection! Here are a few indications on when to replace your wall outlets:

  • Stained outlets
  • Flickering light bulbs
  • Burning smell
  • Cracked wall outlets
  • Loose Plugs outlet
  • Sound of Sparks

#2. Avoid Using Extension Cord

Extension cords are an excellent solution for many businesses, but using them too often can lead to fires and electric shocks. If your extension cord fails when it's full of current, or you plug one into another outlet on the same circuit without disconnecting first, you could start an electrical fire! It's best if you call in professional help installing as many wall outlets, so there isn't much of a need to keep lots of extra lengths handy at any given time.

#3. Turn Off The Appliances When Not In Us

Electrical safety is a top priority for any commercial building or office space. Ensure to turn off appliances and fixtures that are not in use; unplugging cords from office equipment when it's empty will help prevent overcurrents during nighttime hours. It may appear like an annoying task, but following these simple safety tips can make everyone safer!

#4. Replace Worn Out Cables

Slight frayed or worn electrical cords can also be ignited. When a cable is tattered, the protective layer exposes wires that hold an electrical current. These may run hot with excessive heat from coils burning other highly combustible materials such as curtains or rugs nearby to ignite them even more quickly! Check your cables for tears regularly. Avoid the risk of accidents by replacing faulty cables.

Always make sure appliances are switched off before exiting the room. Electrical outlets are constantly hot even when they are not in use!

#5. Install Specified Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker box is a device that prevents the flow of excessive current, which can lead to fires. Since these appliances and fixtures have varying electricity consumption levels, they require different amp levels in circuits connected by an interlock switch or time delay fuse for protection against overloads. However, it's essential to identify what type/size equipment might be running on your lines (to make sure there'll never again need another one!) and care when installing separate switches! It's possible to break the wire inside an outlet by turning it on without plugging into anything - sparks will fly! Electrical work must be done by a professional electrician in New York City to avoid any major accidents.

Check For Low-voltage Discharge In Problematic regions.

Most people are cautious when it comes to appliances. Receiving even a slight shock from touching an appliance could indicate serious problems with your circuits and wiring. So, be sure not only that they're unplugged but also discontinue use of any item you've been handling until the problem has been fixed by qualified personnel to limit further damages down the line!

Keep Track Of Any Tripped Breakers

If you find that your business electrical equipment is constantly blowing fuses or tripping circuits, it may be because of an overloaded outlet. Make a quick spreadsheet documenting each event with information such as how long the fuse lasted before it blew (usually only lasts about ten seconds), what kind of devices were connected to which circuit at a time. Also, make plans to prevent this from happening again! You can also call an electrician if necessary- they'll know exactly how much work needs to be done to ensure everything stays up to code without any problems.

Commercial Electrician in Queens

Daven Electric Corp. is a commercial electrical contractor specializing in providing wiring, lighting, and data solutions for all of your commercial & industrial electrical needs. We are committed to the safety of our customers' employees, visitors, and tenants with proactive maintenance programs designed to prevent unforeseen problems before they happen. Our professional staff and qualified electricians have the proper training to provide you the best of services to help keep your facility safe from fire hazards or power outages. We can also help to get the basic knowledge by the Electric Safety Program so contact us today!

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