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Electrical Wiring Safety Tips – What you should know about it

Electricity is dangerous because of the risks of shock and fire associated with it. This is the reason why all jobs of electrical wiring should be performed by a licensed and experienced electrician. Any lapses and wrong connections can prove fatal for the people living in a home or commercial building. There have been umpteen instances where homeowners have sustained serious injuries and even death because of their lack of knowledge and experience when trying to do electrical wiring on their own. The training and experience of licensed electricians makes sure that all jobs concerning electrical wiring are carried out according to the local codes in your area.
Before learning about electrical wiring safety tips, it is important to understand what electrical wiring is. Electrical wiring is a system that creates a path for electric current to be safely taken in and out of a home or a commercial building. This electric current is later used for fitting lights, appliances, and air conditioners for the conveniences and comfort of the homeowners. This electrical wiring provides a safe path to electric current and keeps the home and the residents safe from any electrical surge or any kind of electric fire hazard. Electrical wiring also keeps a building and its residents safe from a short circuit.

What are the dangers and safety tips on wire and cable installations?

Government issues building and zoning codes keeping in mind the safety and quality of life of its citizens. There are inherent dangers of electric shock and fires with electrical wiring if it is not done in a proper manner by a licensed electrician. Here are some important electrical wiring tips to follow to stay away from risks such as shock and fires.
  • Turn off power source when wiring is being done
  • Always use protective fear during wiring process
  • Keep your attention focused upon wiring work and never become distracted
  • Ensure compliance with codes to avoid problems in future
  • Get electrical wiring done by someone who is licensed and experienced
  • Check the wiring after completing the process

Why we should follow these safety tips?

One should take electrical wiring seriously and follow them in letter and spirit. This is because electrical wiring, even though it is not very complicated or difficult, can result in serious problems of shock and fire if it is not done according to the codes of the government. Here are top 5 reasons why we should follow electrical wiring safety tips.
  • Improper electrical wiring can lead to short circuits, electrical shocks, and electrical fires in future
  • Safety of the structure of your home depends upon correct electrical wiring
  • Safety of your loved ones can be compromised if electrical wiring is not done properly
  • Short circuits can lead to electrical fires, causing destruction of property
  • Incorrect electrical wiring can cause electric shocks through appliances, leading to severe injuries

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace electrical wiring in a house?

Electrical wiring is usually done during the construction of a house. However, if your wiring has become old or if you want to change it when moving in a house you have just purchased, this exercise can cost you anywhere in between $2 and $4 per square foot of area. You can easily calculate the cost of this exercise by measuring the area of your home.

What is faulty electrical wiring?

Any electrical wiring that does not comply with the building codes issued by the authorities of the city is considered as faulty. Faulty wiring not only violates the building codes but also jeopardises the safety and security of the building as well as people living inside it. Faulty wiring is the major cause of incidents of electrical shocks, short circuits, and electrical fires in homes and commercial installations. This is the reason why all jobs of electrical wiring should only be carried out by licensed and experienced electricians.

How to test electrical outlet wiring?

Multimeter is the instrument that is used to test the electrical wiring at any place. Leads from this instrument are inserted into the power source to check if it is giving right voltage or not. If the power outlet is working properly, reading in this instrument should be between 110 and 120 volts. You can buy a multimeter form the market and check the wiring in your home occasionally to see that it is working properly.

When should electrical wiring be replaced?

If your home is more than 30 years old, it is time to get your electrical wiring inspected and replaced if possible. Also, if the circuit keeps tripping all the time inside your home, it is a sign that your electrical wiring has become old and needs to be replaced with a new one. If lights in your home become dim or flicker when you turn them on, it is a sign of electrical wiring having become old.

When should electrical wiring be replaced?

Like every other product that is used by us, electrical wiring is also made to last for a certain time period. You cannot continue to use the same old electrical wiring in your home for far too long. After all, the safety and security of the structure and the inmates of a building is dependent upon its electrical wiring. Copper wires can last for 40-100 years while PVC wires can last for around 70 years. You need to get your electrical wiring inspected from time to time by a licensed electrician to make sure they remain safe and proper.
Electrical wiring needs to be done by a licensed and experienced electrician only. This is because these electricians are trained to work according to the codes of the city. Davenelectric.com is the leading licensed electrician in the city of New York with a long list of satisfied customers. Call at 212-390-1106 or email at info@davenelectric.com to get the job of electrical wiring in your home done in the most efficient manner at highly affordable prices.
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