Guidelines for Choosing Residential Electrician

Faulty wirings at home or in the apartment is alarming and may cause a big problem. To sleep soundly at night or to rest assured that everyone at home are safe, you should look for a reliable residential electrician to check those faulty wirings. But, how will you know that you made the right choice?
Electrical wiring at home is of crucial importance as it can be a potential source of hazards like electrical fire and shocks for the family members. To make sure that electrical wiring is done properly to keep your home and loved ones safe, it is important to choose a qualified and experienced residential electrician. Here are certain guidelines to follow to be able to choose the best quality residential electrician to look after electrical wiring in your home.
Guidelines for Choosing Residential Electrician

What is a residential electrician and its job description?

A residential electrician is a professional who is qualified and trained to install and maintain electrical wiring and distribution of current for the operation of electric and electronic devices. These professionals usually work in homes and apartments and they have received classroom training in addition to hands on experience to keep homes safe through proper wiring. These residential electricians install and repair electric wiring in homes as well as switches, relays and control devices to run fans, lights, appliances, computers, and air conditioners.

What are the services offered by a residential electrician?

Residential electricians are trained to install and repair not just electric wiring inside homes but also to install appliances such as fans, light fixtures, switches, relays, circuit breakers, electric panels, computers, and air conditioners. They can repair any problem experienced with electric wiring and fittings, and fixtures at homes and apartments.

How to know that the residential electrician is reliable?

It is prudent to look for a qualified, experienced, and reliable residential electrician for any kind of wiring or repair work at home. This is because faulty wiring done by an inexperienced electrician can pose danger of electrical fires or shocks to damage your home and injuries to your loved ones. You know the residential electrician you have chosen is reliable when he gives you referrals of previous customers and you have gone through reviews given by his customers on Google.

Why it is important to have a residential electrician?

Whenever you need to fix a problem involving electrical wiring or appliances at home, you must hire the services of a reliable, qualified, licensed, and experienced residential electrician. You cannot take the risk of asking an inexperienced or unskilled electrician to attend the problem as it can jeopardise the safety of your home and your family members.

What is the difference between residential and commercial technicians?

As the name implies, a residential electrician is trained to look after installation and repair of electrical wiring in homes and apartments. On the other hand, commercial electricians are trained to look after installation and repair of complex three phase wiring in commercial establishments like hotels, offices, and retail stores. Commercial electricians attend to wiring carrying higher voltage and current whereas residential electricians are trained to repair the wiring, circuit breakers, fixtures, and appliances commonly used in homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for best residential electrician near me in New York, you should look up inside Yellow Pages. You can also conduct an online search to find out the details about best residential electricians in New York. You can be helped in this endeavour by your neighbours, friends, and relatives who have utilized services of residential electricians in the past.
There are certain things to keep in mind when hiring the services of a residential electrician at your home in New York. You should make sure that the electrician is licensed and fully insured. With a licensed electrician, you are sure that he has the skills and the knowledge to carry out the job in your home in a satisfactory manner. Getting the work done by an insured electrician means you need not worry about any injury or mishap taking place to the electrician while working inside your premises. Finally, see to it that the electrician is licensed as a residential electrician and he is not a commercial or industrial electrician.
It is important for you to know about the rates usually charged by licensed and qualified residential electricians before hiring them. You can expect to be charged $150 for the first hours of work while the average hourly charges of someone who is qualified and also experienced are $100. Rates can vary depending upon the experience and skill levels of residential electricians operating in New York. If you are looking for best residential electrician near me, be prepared to pay a little extra but you will also get total peace of mind with high quality work. If you do not have this budget, you can hire services of an apprentice who charges less than half of the charges of an experienced residential electrician.
To a layman, it appears that the job of a commercial electrician is tougher than that of a residential electrician as he must work with complex wiring carrying high voltage and current. However, even the work of a residential electrician can be challenging depending upon the condition of wiring inside the home. Both these professionals are trained accordingly and hence it is like another day in the office for them.
The job of an electrician is difficult and challenging as he must work with electrical wiring and circuit breakers carrying high current and voltage. Any wrong move and the professional get exposed to dangers of electric shock and electrical fire. Therefore, you should insist upon only licensed and insured electrician for any job at your home.
The safety of your home and loved ones is depend upon the skills and craftsmanship of the residential electrician hired to install and repair electric wiring and appliances. Daven Electric is the leading residential electrician in New York providing high quality services at affordable prices to its clients in the city. Call at 212-390-1106 or email at to get high quality electric work done inside your home.