Common Home Electrical Problems and Fixes
There are many people who remain confused whether they should call an electrician or try to fix an electrical problem that has arisen at their home or workplace. Home electrical troubleshooting is not rocket science that cannot be undertaken by a homeowner. If you know how to fix the problem and can carry it out in a safe manner, there is no reason why you should not troubleshoot on your own. For example, if there is a broken switch or a loose plug not allowing you to use a lighting fixture or an appliance, home electrical troubleshooting allows you to get rid of your problem? You can save your time and money without hiring the services of an electrician.

Common Electrical Problems in Your House

If you are a homeowner, you must have encountered electrical problems every now and then. These problems, that seem to be simple, cause lot of annoyance as they either force you to remain without electricity or don’t allow you to use an appliance or light fixture. Some of the most common electrical problems in your house are as follows.
  • Extension cord not working
  • Loose plug
  • Broken switch
  • Short circuit
  • Flickering light
  • Tripping MCB
If you have basic knowledge of how electricity works and how to change wires, these common problems can be easily solved in just a few minutes.

Electrical problems and solutions

If you are fearful of receiving a shock or causing an electrical fire because of your misadventure, it is better to stay away from home electrical troubleshooting. This is mostly the case with common individuals who have never tried to solve an electrical problem in their homes. However, you would be pleasantly surprised to know that many of these electrical problems are easy to fix and they do not require any special knowledge of physics or electricity.
For example, if there is an uncovered junction box and you are fearful that your pet or kid might get shock by damaging the wiring, all you have to do is to is to buy a cover costing just a few cents and install it over the junction box.
Do you notice lights flickering inside your home when it is windy outside? It is not because of some big problem with electrical wiring inside your house but because of overhead wiring hanging loose from the pole to your house. This frayed wiring poses a danger of electric fire, but you can solve the problem without wasting any time. All you must do is to call your utility supplier and tell them about flickering of lights. They will send a lineman who will climb up the pole to secure the connection of the main wire bringing electricity inside your home.
If you feel that some of the switches are becoming hot, it is a sure sign of a serious problem. You need to call a qualified electrician to either replace the switch or correct the wiring.

When to call for an electrician

If you are facing an electrical problem that you cannot fix on your own, it is prudent to call an experienced electrician to solve it. The main criteria behind this decision should be your incompetence and the lack of recourses in the household rather than anything else. Do not ignore even an innocuous looking electrical problem as it can pose danger of electric shock or even fire if it is left unattended. There is no point in trying to fix the problem as a DIY project if you have no idea of correct electric wiring as you can create mishap or even receive injury through wrong wiring. Do not ignore electrical problems as they pose risk of electric fire or damage to property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people do not realize that they have an electrical problem at home and by the time they think of rectifying the problem, it is too late. Do not commit this mistake and take corrective action as soon as you spot a sign of electrical problem in your home. Here are some common signs indicating there is an electrical problem in your home.

1. Burning wire smell.
2. Breakers tripping.
3. frequently Dimming or flickering lights.
4. Electric fuse blowing frequently.
5. Sparks seen in switches
6. Switches becoming hot.
One of the most common electrical problems experienced by homeowners is an electrical outlet becoming dead. It usually happens because of overload when you plug in a heavy appliance causing the switch to heat up. If this is done repeatedly, the switch burns and the wiring get disrupted in the outlet. Unscrew the switch and replace it with a new one. Remember to do the wiring in the correct manner to avoid short circuit.
If you sense bad smell emanating from an electric panel, it is a warning sign that the circuit breaker has become faulty. Another sign of faulty breaker is the breaker tripping frequently. Sometimes, the breaker gives out this warning signal when it has become too old. These are some common signs of a bad circuit breaker that you should be aware of to get the breaker replaced as soon as possible to avoid potential electrical fire.
There are many problems and worries on your mind as a homeowner. However, electrical problems are problems that you cannot ignore or take up as a DIY project if you do not have any knowledge of how electricity works. If you cannot do electrical wiring correctly, it is advisable to call in a qualified and experienced electrician. Daven Electric is the leading electrical contractor in New York helping homeowners in dealing with common electrical problems. Call at 212.390.1106 to receive help from a qualified electrician sent by us. He will rectify the problem in quick time while ensuring the safety of your property and loved ones. You can also email us at to get a quick response from us.