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Daven Electric is a licensed electrical contractor that understands the unique “Mission Critical” space for having served it successfully for over 15 years.

NYC Central Office Electrical Contractor

We provide an affordable service, but you won’t sacrifice quality to take advantage of our prices. We carry out each job with care because we know that customer happiness is the key to success.

Who are we?

Daven Electric provides a service you can trust and believe in. Our electrician prices aren’t about getting as much money as we can out of you – they’re about giving you a service at a reasonable cost so you’ll return to us again.

Why choose us?

The Data Center/Central Office environment is a ”Mission Critical”, no-fail space that Daven Electrical has consistently performed while meeting and typically exceeding installation specifications as well as time and budgetary constraints. If you require ANY electrical services related to Data Center/Central Office requirements then do not hesitate to contact us here at Daven Electric Corp.

What makes us different?

We offer a local service with no call out charges, and we’ll aim to be with you within the hour for emergencies.

Health & Safety

Daven Electric’s team is OSHA, CPR, and First-Aid trained, as well as adheres to ALL COVID-19 local and federal standards. Our current EMR is .93

Company Commitment

We can have your home or office safe and secure, protecting the people and essential things. Like all of our services, we’ll carry them out with competitive rates. Daven Electric doesn’t have to be expensive to be fair. We prove that with a quality service that’s efficient and affordable, with no hidden costs.