Closed for over a decade, Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY, is starting to make a comeback. Located right at the mouth of the East River, its many shops, cafes, restaurants, and other attractions have attracted countless visitors over the years. Set against an amazing backdrop of historical buildings and warehouses in Brooklyn, Red Hook still has a relaxed, laid-back feel. Many young professionals and families make up the population of the community.
Many people love Red Hook for its beautiful beaches and great weather, which are what the community is famous for. A lively mix of trendy restaurants and fun bars, and a few local artisanal food vendors, abound along Van Brunt Avenue, the main avenue. Several local distilleries, an ice cream parlor, and a small wine shop are also found in the area. A popular spot for locals and tourists alike is the popular restaurant and shopping district of Prospect Park.
For a truly unique experience, take your kids to Red Hook Zoo, where the children can interact with animals and play games with the zoo’s resident wildlife. A great option for parents, the zoo offers a number of interesting exhibits that include the Red Squirrels or “Green Squirrels”, a collection of turtles and rays, and the New York Sea Turtle conservation center. Take in the sea turtles’ natural habitat, including an underwater tunnel. In addition, there are many aquarium-style exhibits featuring fish, snails, and crabs.
The Red Hook Aquarium offers a different experience for children and adults alike. From aquatic life to marine mammals, it’s a good place to learn about the world that surrounds us and to enjoy a day at the aquarium. Visitors can swim or dive underwater and see the creatures up close. With so many exhibits and educational activities, it’s sure to be a trip you and your family will remember for years to come.
Red Hook is also a great place to shop for souvenirs, especially if you want to share your memories with others. or to find something unique for a gift. During its first year of operation, the aquarium was flooded with souvenirs but has since expanded to include a wide array of items from different cultures and locations around the world.
Take your time to explore Red Hook and it’s exciting shops and restaurants before you decide to come back. Don’t forget to take a walk around Prospect Park, where you can view the gorgeous waterfront views.
Starting from Red Hook, Brooklym, NY, USA. You must Head south on Columbia St toward Bay St, then Turn left to stay on Columbia St. Next is to Turn right and reach IKEA.

If from IKEA. You must Head northeast, then Turn left toward Beard St. Next is to Turn right toward Beard St, then Turn left onto Beard St and on your right is Rocky Sullivan’s.

If leaving from Rocky Sullivan’s. You must Head southeast on Beard St toward Ikea Bus Terminal, then Turn left onto Otsego St. Next is to Turn right onto Bay St and on the right is the Red Hook Park.

From Red Hook Park, you must Head east on Bay St toward Hicks St, then Turn left onto Smith St. Next is to Turn right onto Hamilton Ave, then Merge onto 3rd Ave, and then Turn right onto 39th St. Finally, Turn left onto 1st Ave to reach Daven Electric Corp..