Multi-dwelling units, Co-ops, and Condominium Experts

Daven Electric possess unique qualifications in this aging and ever-changing market place . Daven Electric, as with many electrical contractors, started in this environment many years ago and has continued to service landlords and building owners of multi -family dwelling units , co-ops and condos of ANY size with service capacity increase , new riser installation and panel changes . We employee a special division of vetted and trained electricians whom understand the delicate work environment .

Daven Electric Corp. provides Electrical Installation services to clients who require the highest levels of quality and service as we possess the mechanical prowess and business acumen to furnish and install and Electrical, Telecom and Data System for their commercial, retail, and wireless telecommunications projects.

“Our Philosophy is based on three pillars of customer service Quality, Communication and Value. By adhering to these three basic standards our clients can be assured that they have the personal commitment of every member of our team with the leadership to provide the best and highest quality level of customer service available.”

Daven Electrical Contractors of New York is one of the only New York Based Electrical Contractors Fully Licensed in New York City, New Jersey, Westchester, Putnam, Hempstead, Colorado, Washington DC, Suffolk County, Texas and Orange County with future expansion to other geographical locations in the process. Our current coverage area enables us to service our clients in multiple market places while maintaining the knowledge of local codes and municipal procedures.

With over 80 years of combined experience within our management team in the Commercial, Communications and Retail Markets, our depth and knowledge and clear understanding of our client’s unique demands and the ever changing technologies ensure we can consistently meet and/or exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.

Daven Electric maintains a wide geographical footprint in New York City, leveraged to serve its clients with precise accuracy. One in mid-town Manhattan, one in Industry City, Brooklyn, and one in Floral Park.

3 Columbus Cir, 15th floor New York, NY 10019 (212) 390-1106
4601C First Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11232 (212) 390-1106
46 Cherry Lane Floral Park, NY 11001 (212) 390-1106

Multi-dwelling units, Co-ops, and Condominium Experts

Daven Electric’s field electricians are fully trained and licensed to take care of all your electrical needs, regardless of your project’s size. We understand and know how to respond to the needs and concerns of owners, tenants, architects, engineers, and designers, unlike other electrical contractors, who cut corners to accommodate your budget.
  • A complete or part re-wire of your property
  • Indoor & outdoor lighting installation
  • Consumer units
  • Installation of socket & lighting switches
  • Fuse box repair & installation
  • Fault finding
  • Electrical inspection & maintenance services
Our full accreditation provides you with 100% assurance that we will carry out a thorough and high-quality service. We are experienced in a full range of electrical services which includes:

For your electrical repairs, choose the right electrician.

Hiring a certified and professional electrician for your residential electrical needs means you will get more safety in the event that something goes wrong with your electrical system. We are staffed with professional electricians that are ready to offer you top-quality electrical standards. This assures you of the efficiency, quality, and reliability of our electrical works.

We care for our customers' satisfaction.

Wе work wіth our customers until they are satisfied. From inspecting to maintenance and repairing to a replacement, our skilled electricians always use their efforts to the satisfaction of our customers.