Witness the Beauty and Awe of Sunset at Shore Road Par‌k

Most popular for stunning views of the sunset and the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge on the south side in addition to great views of the Lower Manhattan on the north side of it. lies along the Shore Road and Belt Parkway on the west side of Brooklyn, in Bay Ridge, among a few of New York’s legendary tourist attractions, including the Statue of Liberty, the new WTC, Staten Island’s Fort Wadsworth, Brooklyn’s Fort Hamilton Army Base, and Fort Hamilton High School and Coney Island.
Benches and drinking fountains and irrigated sandpits have been placed along the boardwalks and in the playfields. Elms, Oaks, Planes, Hawthornes, Flowering Crab Apples, Beach Plums, Sweet Ferns, Elderberries, Bayberries, Sumacs, as well as numerous varieties of bank binding roses have actually been made use of in the landscaping. In the morning it seemed quite safe with tons of individuals running, cycling, and also strolling. There are a couple of walkways that help you safely cross over the Belt Parkway. If you intend to differ your landscape scenery you can stroll the upper path that runs along the residential area for some shade and green space as part of any out and back you may wish to do. You can get in about 3 miles round trip and also appreciate seeing the Brooklyn and Manhattan waterfronts from a different perspective. On those warm days, the breeze comes in from the ocean as well as it is a calm place to be. At night the lights from the Verrazano bridge make this place a romantic area for couples to take an evening stroll.
Biking is ideal in the fall or summer. A slight breeze, the sun is beaming overhead, you’re exercising without much panting or sweating and there’s a Wendy’s at the end of the park for your caloric ice cream craving. it’s a terrific park area to take a walk and just relax while watching the sunset. I highly recommend anyone to visit the area as it’s just gorgeous.