October 5, 2021

Types of Electrical Services for Commercial Properties

Commercial PropertiesCommercial properties have a variety of electrical needs. These services can include inspection and testing, panel upgrades, new construction wiring, data cabling for high-speed internet access, phone systems installation, and more.

Each of these commercial electrical services offers a unique set of benefits that will help your business grow. Electrical inspections and testing should be done regularly to ensure the electrical system is running safely and efficiently. Here are the top examples.

Repairs, Upgrades & Remodels In Lighting

In recent times, many commercial properties are changing their lighting through an upgrade and retrofit to save money on energy costs while reducing carbon. Commercial electricians can perform this work quickly so that it does not interfere with the daily operations of business owners. In addition to everyday tasks like panel replacement or special wiring, if needed, these tasks will be completed within days instead of weeks! Electrical work can be expensive and disruptive to your commercial business. Electrical systems should be installed correctly, especially for data transfer through phone lines or network cables. This installation requires knowledge of electrical wiring and equipment such as networking outlets, patch panels (for connection between wires), and patch cables (for connection between the outlet and the computer). Failure to do this precisely may result in electrical short circuits, equipment damage, or fire. Electrical repairs can be necessary after an electrical storm or damage due to defective wiring - whether the source is a major appliance or an overloaded circuit breaker.

Installation & Upgrade Of Electrical Panel

Electricians are the backbone of any commercial property. They ensure power is going where it needs to be and that everything operates smoothly in an office space or restaurant kitchen with high-traffic turnover time demands.

Commercial properties need a higher level of electrical backing (i.e., more sources)to provide the necessary energy for completing operations today. These panels can sometimes fail without warning, especially if they're older models which haven't been maintained regularly over many years by professional technicians!

Commercial Services For Tenant

If you are a landlord with commercial tenants, it is essential to develop a partnership. You may need the help of an electrical team for them to provide services and improvements necessary that will ensure optimal comfort within those buildings! Property owners and tenants must work together to ensure that the power is reliable, efficient, and safe. Electrical components such as panels and fixtures should be routinely inspected to ensure they are up to date. Electrical equipment for tenant units must be properly installed and well-maintained by professional technicians with experience in commercial properties.

Here are some examples of commercial services that you may obtain:

  • New Circuits
  • Renovations
  • Security Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Energy-Saving Systems
  • Wiring or Rewiring

Electrical System Assessment & Upgrade

Professional technicians can also assess your commercial property to determine its electrical needs. They will provide a plan that maps out the electrical work that needs to be done, including additional outlets or lighting changes. This can help you save money on the overall efficiency of the building after everything is finished. You can monitor your energy usage, and usage cost after the upgrades have been made! Electrical work should be completed by team members who are licensed to perform such tasks.

Commercial Electrician in Queens

Daven Electric Corp. is a licensed, bonded, and insured commercial electrical contractor specializing in installing, repairing, or maintaining power distribution systems for large office buildings, manufacturing facilities, data centers, and other commercial properties. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current system with new technology or need emergency repairs because of storm damage, our team will work closely with you to design an affordable solution tailored specifically to meet your needs. We also provide 24-hour service so we can respond quickly when emergencies arise. Contact us today at (212) 390-1106 if you would like more information about how we can help improve your company's electrical services!

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