There are many people around the country who believe that electrical contractor and electrician are two words for the same professional. They even use these terms interchangeably. But if these two professionals were same, what was the need to create a totally new title of electrical contractor? There are obvious differences between roles and responsibilities of an electrician and an electrical contractor, and you appreciate the difference better when you have their full understanding. There are fewer electrical contractors around the country than electricians working in homes, commercial establishments, and industrial environments. This article centres on electrical contractors, their roles and responsibilities, and their importance for the customers.

What do electrical contractors do?

This is the question that strikes the minds of most people when they hear the word electrical contractor. An electrical contractor is a professional or a company that takes up specialized construction work in the premises of their clients. All the work that is done by an individual electrician is taken up by an electrical contractor also. However, the main difference between the two is that whereas electrician is an individual, an electrical contractor is a business entity. An electrical contractor firm may utilize services of one or more electricians to carry out installation and repair of electrical wiring in the premises of its clients. Electrical contractors need to be licensed and insured to work with electrical systems in the premises of their clients.

Job Duties and Description

Electrical contractors may be line contractors or those who work inside the premises of the client. Line contractors are also referred to as outside contractors as they mainly handle the installation and repair of high voltage power transmission and distribution lines. On the other hand, inside contractors are electrical contractors that work inside the premises of the client whether it involves installation and repair of electrical wiring or electrical systems. An electrical contractor can take up different roles including that of an electrician. But he is mostly a project supervisor who makes sure that work is carried out at the premises of the client in high quality and with full safety. An electrical contractor plays the role of an estimator, estimating the cost of the project including labour as well as materials.

Benefits of Using Electrical Contractors

As electrical contractors are often much more than electricians, you can expect reliable and high-quality work from them in a cost effective manner. When you are facing difficulty with electrical lines, systems, or appliances in your premises, what you need is quick and effective solution to your problem rather than deciding whether to call an electrician or an electrical contractor. You can rest assured of quality work in your premises to your full satisfaction when you hire the services of an electrical contractor. They are fully licensed and insured and make sure that the wiring is done following the building codes to stay clear of trouble with the authorities. These contractors not only ensure full safety of the electrical system but also the people using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between an electrician and an electrical contractor is very thin and often does not matter much to the consumer. Electrical contractor performs all the roles and responsibilities of a licensed and insured electrician. He can be an individual or a business entity. An electrical contractor firm usually hires services of several electricians to work at the premises of its clients. On the other hand, an electrician is really a freelancer who can work directly to attend electrical problems in the premises of his clients.
Electrical construction work refers to the installation and repair of electrical wiring and electrical systems. It is an integral part of overall construction work being carried out at a site. Electrical construction work ensures smooth and safe installation and repair according to the building codes specified by the authorities. Electrical construction work ensures supply of electricity to run appliances and electrical fixtures in a safe and secure manner.
To be eligible to work as an electrical contractor, it is important to not only to take an apprentice program required by the government but also to secure the necessary license issued by the government of the state. Every state around the country requires a company desirous of providing electrical services to its clients to obtain the necessary license. Until you have this license, you cannot work as an electrical contractor in your state and be content to provide your services as electrician.
Just like the difference between an electrician and an electrical contractor, there is a great difference between a handy man and a general contractor. General contractors can create new structures and they can also add to existing structures. They are fully licensed and insured and eligible to take construction work in the premises of their clients. A general contractor is usually a firm or a business entity, but it could also be an individual. This firm is capable of providing lots of services to its clients. However, a general contractor needs to hire an electrical contractor to carry out electrical construction work though many general contractors carry out such work for their clients in a bid to save his money. The thing to remember here is that your insurance company can deny compensation on claims of damage caused by faulty work if it is done by a general contractor.
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