wiringWiring is an integral part of any building. Commercial wiring or industrial wiring is used in buildings where power needs to be distributed efficiently and safely, and domestic wiring is for homes with less usage. The two types of wire are very different, but both need to be installed by a licensed commercial electrician with the proper knowledge and equipment due to safety concerns. Here, we will explore the differences between domestic and commercial wiring to understand your specific needs when it comes time for this type of work on your home or business property.

The Types of Wiring Used          

The first difference between home wiring systems is the type of wires. All electrical equipment in a house has plastic sheathing, which serves two purposes: protection for occupants and insulation against outside elements like moisture or voltage fluctuations that could start fires if left unprotected. It also protects you from touching exposed copper wire during an emergency because it’s not only unpleasant but potentially hazardous!

In commercial buildings, the wiring is much thicker and runs through open spaces. This means it needs to be protected from possible substances such as corrosive gasses or liquids with a tough coating in order not only for it to survive but also so there’s less liability if something should happen. These wires don’t have any exposed metal parts on them as you might find at home, which could potentially short out against other objects. However, this protection comes at an expense: heavier weight due to added insulation will make your cables more complex (and therefore more expensive)to ship. For example, one company wanted their data cable transported by a truck, and another company wanted a similar cable but required it to be transported by a boat. The first company would be charged less for the shipment because their cable was relatively lighter than the second company, which had invested more into the durability of their product. That said, don’t forget that you will have to pay more money if you require heavier duty.

Power Distribution Phases

There are basically three wires in the wiring in your home. A positive and negative wire for power distribution or ground division depending on what type of electrical installation it is (single-phase vs. two-phase). In appliances that require more juice than a simple light switch can provide, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, these particular machines use a 240 volts version with 2 “legs,” each carrying 120 volts with yet another grounding cable running through them!

The three-phase design of commercial electrical wiring is much more efficient than the half and full-wire setups found in homes. Each leg carries 120 volts while simultaneously transferring 208V through their separate wires back to your device or machine for maximum power transfer; this reduces losses by 50%. Commercial equipment needs heavy-duty electricity because they are generally larger machines with higher demands on an outlet – which means you should always make sure there’s enough space available when installing new outlets at work!

Reason To Hire The Experienced Commercial Electrician

Commercial Electrician in NY can handle the larger scale and scope of business projects. For this reason, it is vital to find an experienced commercial electrician with technical skills who understands how things work for them to do their job properly. From installing new wiring within a 20000 square feet office space down through rewiring your home’s kitchen outlets, so you don’t short out when cooking dinner!

Electrical work in the business world is much different than residential work. The stakes are higher, and being shutdown could cost you time as well as money to get back up and running again!

When working on electrical systems for your company, there must be someone knowledgeable about codes and regulations that can help keep things safe while also ensuring everything runs smoothly. Hence, no one gets hurt or has any accidents due to a lack of knowledge from an electrician with poor conduct skills.

Commercial Electrician in Queens, NY

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