An electrician isn’t just a career ‘one size fits all’. There are various types of electricians to cater for either residential, commercial, or industrial needs depending on skill field and job focus. You should know the difference between an industrial electrician and a commercial electrician before you decide on an electrician for your company. While on the surface both may seem similar, they each focus on different areas of specialty.
To repair, test, and maintain electrical equipment by an industrial electrician in the simplest terms. Industrial electricians typically work in factories, buildings, and mines. To accommodate the variety of sophisticated machinery used, these types of industries need specialized experience and expertise. Many industrial electricians work for mining firms, steel producers, car manufacturers, and major electrical firms. They do all kinds of jobs but focus on hydraulic, pneumatic, and other types of operating machinery. Industrial electricians need to be skilled in robotics as well as the other specialized equipment used in these industries, along with the basics. They usually report to managers or maintenance supervisors at the plant and are responsible for conducting repairs, maintenance, and safety inspections.

Industrial Electricians and Commercial Electricians areas of work

On the other side, industrial electricians specialize in providing electrical repair, maintenance, and security checks in corporate offices, retail stores, and other associated workplaces. Commercial electricians could also design, plan, and graph electrical systems that are specific to the needs of the workplace, as well as the pipes or tubing conduits required by local electrical codes.
Commercial electricians work primarily with hand tools like screwdrivers, pliers, and knives, as well as power tools and measuring instruments. They can work with a variety of clients including builders, office people, and building owners. Specialized work will sometimes be required, as will repair and maintenance jobs commonly found in residential buildings. You’ll most probably find a commercial electrician who deals with medium to large buildings and businesses like shopping centers, restaurants, government buildings, and high rises.